303 acid lines, breakbeats, 808 kicks, stabs, hoovers and uplifting pianos. It’s what makes me happy.

What’s all this about then?

Well, what can I say. I like breakbeats, acid baselines and pianos. The energy and the shamanic togetherness of a rave is something special. Once I realised making music wasn’t a dark art that only people who studied music theory for years could undertake an entirely new creative outlet presented itself to me. That married with my love of building abstract images which I could bring to life in After Effects allowed me to create some visuals to sit alongside the music.

I might have hung up my white gloves and whistle but the sounds of ’88 to ’92 live long in any music I make, no mater how dodgy it sounds. I remain an unashamed raver.

"…the sounds of ’88 to ’92 live long in any music I make."