Scarlett 3rd Generation

Adding ‘life’ to the launch of the 3rd generation of the world’s best selling audio interface.

  • Focusrite
  • June - July 2019
The Team
  • Simon Peacock – Creative Director
  • Alex Green – Director, Videographer & Photographer
  • Mike Wilcox – Director & Videographer

The project

People. That’s what sells products. Not companies spouting off all the facts and details about all the ways their product will make your life better. Instead it’s about real people, using the product and making their lives more fruitful. These days we care what Malcolm from down the road thinks about his latest purchase, because it’s genuine, and if you can actually relate to Malcolm, that information becomes one hundred times more relevant.

Focusrite was preparing to launch the 3rd generation of the best selling audio interface, a range of products that had 60% market share. Some people might think there would be little to do, just launch it and let it carry on doing its thing. Sadly that’s not realistic and where’s the fun in that!

The idea was simple enough, record a live performance and talk to those people who are in a variety of different positions in their career, from unsigned, to youtube stars and signed artists earning money. We all start somewhere and we all want to get somewhere, in the modern world we can easily learn from others and that was what we wanted to offer. A healthy slice of reality.

Karun’s performance

It was important that this project didn’t just happen in the UK, Focusrite is a global company and we were lucky enough to get two solo artists outside of the UK involved, Gabrielle Grau from Lyon and Karun who was based in Nairobi. Getting to Africa added new challenges but it was worth it, the performance was beautiful.

Get to know the artist

The only way you really relate to someone is when you get to know them, this was at the heart of this project so we took time after each performance to go out and about with the artists. Meet their friends, go to the places they like to relax in and understand their own approach to making music. The videos were simple but provided exactly what was required.

"Getting to know the artist will often change the way you interrupt the music they make"