Circuit illustrations

Taking a fresh approach to capture the attention of the modern music maker

  • Novation
  • 2015 - 2016
The Team
  • Simon Peacock – Creative Director
  • Yossi Shamrik – Illustrator

The why and the who

Finding new ways to capture peoples attention is vital in marketing, that’s nothing new, neither is using illustrations. But, approaching those illustrations with humour and adding a little twist can create some exciting visuals.

The Novation brand manager at the time introduced me to Yossi, I immediately loved his work. I got in touch and we started discussing some concepts and I knew we were starting something that was going to be fruitful. Here are a few of the projects we worked on.

The Essentials

Knolling had become a fashionable way to present products, it was simple, lay them all out flat and take a photo.

Novation’s Circuit was launching, a portable groovebox, allowing you to go anywhere at any time and make music. We played that idea out and created ‘The Essentials’, the ultimate travel bag for the modern music maker.


Novation were attending the 2016 Sonar festival in Barcelona, the crowd at Sonar are more music enthusiasts than music makers. Sonar had created a playground space where people were encouraged to try out the products that make the music they love. We were keen to show how our products could create a connected world, each unit was linked and would play in time with another that your friend was using. The concept was we’d build a city for the products to live within, Metropolis was born and a lot of wood, paper, glue, rudimentary electrical skills and black paint created our musical city. Our stand was busy… that might have been down to the awesome free t-shirts we were giving away!

Oh synthy time in Berlin!

Bears, sausages, synths and jokingly fire were the initial ideas for this one. How else are you going to get peoples attention!?! Novation was offering an incredible opportunity to learn music production in Berlin and we needed to drive traffic to sign up. The strategy was predominantly around online advert placement and I just didn’t want another image of a producer in a studio as the lead image, there were layers to this competition and an illustration allowed us to present multiple aspects in a humorous and eye catching way.  Step forward, the flaming sausage bear.

…approaching those illustrations with humour and adding a little twist can create some exciting visuals.